Flock of Friends Eco Dryer Balls

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Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls Flock of Friends Eco Dryer Balls

Our all time bestseller: the Flock of Friends! Making laundry days up to 40% quicker and 100% more fun since 2015!

Ditch dryer sheets and switch to an eco-friendly, toxin-free laundry today with the help of your own Flock of Friends Eco Dryer Balls!

Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls are an all-natural and organic fabric softener handmade from 100% premium New Zealand wool.  They replace single-use chemically treated plastic dryer sheets and fabric softeners that contain harmful chemicals, are fully reusable for over 1000 loads, and reduce drying time by up to 40%!

Save time, energy, and money while being kind to people, animals, and our Planet! ❤️🌎

Each set contains 6 individually hand made and hand decorated Eco Dryer Balls in a hand made, hand printed organic cotton drawstring bag. 

The sheep are needle felted (embroidered) on to each ball by hand, using the same 100% New Zealand Wool as the balls. Our dyes are eco friendly, certified azo-free, lead-free, and compliant with the German Safety Product Safety Act (ProdSG)



One percent for the planet

Type: Eco Dryer Balls

Why Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls?

  • Naturally soften and fluff your laundry while helping you reduce drying time by 20% to 40% depending on load size
  • Completely plastic-free, chemical free, unscented, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic, they're the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin and babies
  • Reusable for 1000+ loads - each set will last for years!
  • Reduce wrinkles and static cling
  • The highest quality. 3", over 2 oz of 100% New Zealand Wool each, organic and cruelty-free certified.
  • No fillers, 100% wool to the core
  • Makes your laundry more manageable - no more balling and twisting!
  • Eliminate single use, chemical-filled dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners
  • Save you time, energy, and money!
  • Hand made from 100% organic and cruelty-free certified New Zealand wool to the core - no fillers or additives
  • Individually hand felted in Nepal for fair wages in ethical and environmentally friendly working conditions
  • We plant one tree with every purchase of a Friendsheep product, thanks to our partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project.
  • Each set comes in a charming and useful hand printed organic storage bag
  • Compostable product in a completely recyclable and compostable packaging
  • They're the ideal eco-friendly gift for yourself and for anyone who wants to live a safe, sustainable, healthy, plastic-free life

Customer Reviews

Based on 307 reviews
Dryer balls add humor to my laundry

The Friendsheep dryer balls have their own personality. They are always trying to elope (escape) when I remove the laundry from the dryer to sort on my bed. Sometimes they just jump out of the dryer and roll around on the floor, causing me to bend over and pick them up, which counts as exercise for the elderly! Sometimes they hide in the laundry and I find them when I sort the clean dry laundry on my bed. I keep careful count of them, and often am searching around for the last one after the laundry is sorted. One or two of them are maturing into excellent escape artists!

Phyllis Reynolds
My Flock of Friends are wonderful!

I ordered the Flock of Friends sheep face dryer balls and they work great! I am using 4 of the 6 I ordered and all of my laundry is coming out with fewer wrinkles and feeling soft without a fragrance. This is perfect for our family.

Carolyn Mason
Eco Dryer Balls

I have never liked dryer balls in the past. I still had static and thought they were ineffective. However, after seeing the add on FB I decide to give them another try; I’m happy I made that decision. I read about the most effective way to use dryer balls on their website and it worked. In the past I had just thrown in one or two dryer balls you need the entire set. I set my dryer to normal dry using the sensor instead of timed dry. In the past I had been over drying my clothes which caused a lot of the static cling. Finally, I read somewhere that adding two, two inch aluminum foil balls also helped with static cling. Making the changes listed above they work great! I am saving money not having to purchase fabric softener, electricity,(my dryer runs for a shorter amount of time) and dryer balls are much better for the environment.

Jeri Himmelsbach
Great gift!

I bought 12 of these for gifts for my close friends! When you are looking for a gift that is practical and unique , this is it! Everybody loved them…I had to re-order and get some for myself. Work great, no static build up. Highly recommend and rate these the highest!

Great invention!

These little guys really work! I love them

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