A Planet Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

A Planet Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

November 22, 2021

Eco-Friendly Gifts For Everyone On Your List!

When you care about the environment, how products are sourced, avoiding toxins, limiting waste, and promoting fair trade wages, gift-giving can seem challenging. Perhaps even overwhelming. Especially when your friends fall into the category of not ‘needing more’. Though the holidays don’t have to hurt the environment. And the gifts you give can leave a smile on your loved one’s face – and the Artisan’s and the Planet’s!

Our 2021 Gift Guide includes eco-friendly gifts for everyone on your list – ones that will actually make a positive impact. Everything below is plastic free, non-toxic (no toxic dyes or fragrances are used), handmade for fair wages with 100% cruelty-free New Zealand wool, and colored with azo-free eco-friendly dyes. 

Let’s stick with fewer and better presents, and allow this year’s gifts to pave the way for a brighter 2022. Here are some gift ideas for those very important people in your life. Enjoy spreading the love! 


For the Holiday Decorator

Eco Garlands

It’s tough finding decorations that are both fun and eco friendly. Help your waste-conscious friend step into the season by gifting them beautiful, handmade, plastic-free garlands that last the test of time. Our Eco Garlands are forever reusable, and also compostable at the end of their life. They come in three sizes, in a handmade giftable storage bag. Eco Garlands all have extra cord, so your loved one can customize the garland: spread the beads apart or bunch them together to their liking. This is especially helpful when looping across fireplaces, windows or wrapping around trees! Want a great add-on gift? Choose one of our seasonal essential oil blends, and their Eco Garland will double as a festive eco freshener!


For the Party-Lover 

Eco Coasters (Set of 4)

 Regardless of whether the host or hostess in your life is part of the “zero-waster” club, they’ll adore our trendy Eco Coasters! Aside from protecting furniture and zesting up their space, these handmade coasters are non-toxic, made with 100% cruelty-free New Zealand wool, and colored with azo-free eco-friendly dyes. With a range of colors – from natural to boho, to colorful and seasonal – you’re sure to find something that vibes with their decor. Let’s raise a glass to cute and compostable eco-friendly furnishings!

For the Fur Parent 

Eco Toy Ball (Set of 6)

Not sure what to give the person who talks only about their pets? Something for their pets, of course! Our dryer balls are a huge hit with the four-leggeds. Well, the ones who can actually get their mouths around them… So we made smaller balls that welcome everyone in on the fun! Our Eco Toy Balls are the perfect size for a kitty's mouth, and are great for batting and chasing around the house. Because they’re handmade with 100% cruelty-free New Zealand wool, contain no fragrances or toxins, and are colored with azo-free eco-friendly dyes, both fur baby and fur parent will be incredibly pleased! And if you plan on spoiling your friends even more, check out our phenomenal Eco Kitty Caves; they match with the Eco Toy Ball sets!

For the Home Chef

Eco Trivets

Is there a cook out there who spoils you with food, drink and good company? Our Eco Trivets may be the perfect “Thank you” for all the nourishment. Stylish and functional, these trivets provide a colorful place to set cookware. And as your favorite home-chef will know, simple ingredients are key. Which is why these handmade trivets are hand-felted with just warm water and vegetable soap (no toxic dyes or fragrances added), and then sun-dried. They’re forever reusable, can be washed, and are recyclable and compostable as an end of life option; they can be tossed right in with their veggie scraps! 

For the Conscious Homemaker 

Eco Dryer Balls

Looking for something for the friend who “has everything” or “doesn’t need anything”? Go with a colorful set of our Eco Dryer Balls! By choosing this gift, you’re actually helping the recipient contribute to a better planet – and they’ll love you for it. Eco Dryer Balls save energy, reduce drying time by up to forty percent, eliminate the need for single-use dryer sheets and chemical-laden liquid softeners, and are handmade using 100% cruelty free New Zealand wool. Not to mention, our eco dryer balls come in fun patterns and a beautiful range of colors! From monochrome hues, to bolds, to neutrals, you’ll find the perfect set for anyone on your list. 

For the Zero-Waster 

One Less Plastic Bag Organic Cotton Tote

From Farmer’s Markets, to beach trips, to grocery store runs, we all need a reusable tote waiting by the back door. And the environmental activists in your life will love spreading their plea of “ONE LESS PLASTIC BAG” for all to see. This 100% organic cotton tote bag is handmade and hand-printed in our workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal. It’s lightweight and extra strong (load up those sweet potatoes and winter squashes!), and folds easily to pack away. At the end of its life cycle, this tote can be cut into small pieces and composted in their backyard, or recycled by way of textile recycling. 

For the Gardener

Berta The Honey Bee & Sisters Fresheners (Set of 3)

Give your favorite Green Thumb a smile with our bestseller honey bees. Choose between our Busy Bees eco dryer balls and Berta the Honeybee & Sisters eco fresheners, or get them both. Pair these cute pollinators with a bottle of floral-infused essential oils, like our Twilight Garden blend, so they can freshen their laundry, car, or that pile of used gardening gloves. Busy Bees and Berta both come in giftable handmade storage bags. Bees and bags are recyclable with textile recycling or compostable at the end of their lives. Sounds like a Gardener’s dream, right? (If your friend would prefer flowers over buzzing, check out our flowers "La Vie En Rose" Eco Fabric Fresheners instead; they’re handmade with love by our artisans with disabilities.)

For the Dreamer

Rainbow Unicorns (set of 3)

Rainbows, stardust and unicorns – these eco ornaments were made for the wide-eyed dreamer! Hand-shaped (with only organic wool, soap, water, hand pressure… and maybe a bit of magic) with hand-sewn detailing, our set of three unicorns is sure to bring wonder into someone’s world. They’re also gift-ready and come in a handmade, reusable lokta paper bag. Rainbow Unicorns are part of our #adoptdontshop line of products, which directly benefits animal rescues. (Very merry ponies, indeed.)

For the Nature Addict

Dryer Stones (Set of 5)

For the one who would rather be outside, our Eco Dryer Stones offer a lovely respite of nature during domestic duties. These handmade dryer balls – camouflaged as stones in a variety of natural earth tones – are a fantastic way to save your outdoorsy friend time, money and energy. Handmade for fair wages by underprivileged women in Nepal, they’re made from sustainable wool, are plastic and toxin free, and compostable at the end of their life. (Basically, everything a nature lover could want!) Pair them with our Into the Forest Essential Oil blend and even their laundry can do a bit of restorative forest bathing. 

For the Sports Fan

Sporty Pet Toys

If you saw “pet toys” and thought about skipping over this one, hear us out! Our Sporty Toys are not only great for pets, but make fantastic eco fabric fresheners, and are a perfect gift for the avid sports fan. (And hey, the athlete in your life may just need a little freshening of their laundry, their gym bag, or for those post-game car rides.) Pair with a bottle of essential oils – perhaps some organic Eucalyptus to remind them of playing outside – and pass along these simple instructions: Just add a few drops to each freshener and let the scent do the rest! 

The Gifts That Keep On Giving

Here at Friendsheep, we plant a tree for every item sold. And if you Mix ‘n’ Match your eco dryer balls, it’s one tree planted for every single dryer ball in your set! It’s like two gifts – or three, or six! – in one. 

Want to add-on a beautifully-crafted, 100% recycled paper greeting card? (Because we love spreading love, you also have the option to add a free, handwritten message!) When you purchase an Eco Card, not only do we plant a tree with Eden Reforestation Projects, but the card company does, too. That’s two more trees for a better world. 

Lastly, if you’re looking to make gifting both easier and eco friendly, choose to add a sustainable lokta gift bag to your purchase. These special bags are handmade and tree-free. ‘Tis the season to gather, spread kindness, and protect our Planet together!


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