"La vie en rose" Eco Fabric Freshener

Just like you replaced your dryer sheets with your Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls, you can now get rid of scented drawer sheets and replace them with "La vie en rose" Eco Fabric Fresheners. Hand made with 100% sustainable New Zealand wool, they can be easily scented with essential oils.

These beautiful handmade roses are handmade for fair wages by women with disabilities in Nepal. They are perfect to scent drawers, closets, a car, or any room in the house.

Just add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oils and put them in drawers and closets to enjoy fresh, fragrant clothes every day.

Or, use them to scent any room, showcase them in a vase, decorate a table, or even put them in your car to enjoy some aromatherapy on the go.

Try pairing them with our Sun is Shining Organic Essential Oil for a joyful uplifting vibe.

"La vie en rose" Eco Fabric Fresheners are reusable 1000+ times. When their scent fades just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and your rose is ready to go again! 

Comes in seven colors: red, fuchsia, pink, white, purple, lavender, yellow. Make your favorite bouquet or collect them all!

Hand made in Nepal by women with disabilities from 100% sustainable New Zealand Wool and eco-friendly dyes. Fair trade, organic and cruelty free certified. Compostable.

Comes packaged in a reusable handmade lokta paper bag. The bag is recyclable and compostable.

Each rose is handmade and is about 14" long. The stem has a wire core and can be bent. Bag size: approximately 4"x9"

Why "La vie en rose" Eco Fabric Fresheners :

We partnered with EPSA an organization based in Kathmandu whose goal is to empower and assist women with disabilities through training and employment opportunities. 

In Nepal, the standard living conditions can be extremely hard for physically challenged and people with disabilities, and especially for women. Due to traditional conservative culture and male dominated society, in addition to lack of education, knowledge, and technology, people with disabilities are often badly neglected by their own families and communities. 

Women with disabilities are discriminated thrice: firstly for their gender, secondly for being poor and thirdly for being disabled.

We learned of the work EPSA while in Kathmandu, and felt that it was important for us to partner with them to bring you the beautiful felting work of these amazing artisans.

Each piece is unique, hand-made, and supports these amazing women as they work with dedication, passion, and always a beautiful smile to overcome the difficult conditions they are faced with and provide a better life for themselves and for their families.

"La vie en rose" Eco Fabric Fresheners are available on many different colors. They are the perfect eco-friendly fair trade gift, for your mom, your friends, or just for yourself!

Type: Fabric Freshener

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