Friendsheep with EPSA


EPSA is an organization based in Kathmandu whose goal is to empower and assist disabled women through training and employment opportunities. 

In Nepal, the standard living conditions can be extremely hard for physically challenged and disabled people, and especially for women. Due to traditional conservative culture and male dominated society, in addition to lack of education, knowledge, and technology, people with disabilities are often badly neglected by their own families and communities. Women with disabilities are discriminated thrice: firstly for their gender, secondly for being poor and thirdly for being disabled. This is why EPSA's project is targeted for the benefit of women with disabilities living in poverty.

We learned of the work EPSA has been doing while staying in Kathmandu, and felt that it was important for us to partner with them to bring you the beautiful felting work of these amazing artisans. Each piece is unique, hand-made, and supports these amazing women as they work with dedication, passion, and always a beautiful smile to overcome the difficult conditions they are faced with and provide a better life for themselves and their families.