"La vie en rose" Eco Fabric Freshener

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Friendsheep Fabric Freshener Fuchsia "La vie en rose" Eco Fabric Freshener

Just like you replaced your dryer sheets with your Friendsheep eco dryer balls, you can now get rid of scented drawer sheets and replace them with "La vie en rose" eco fabric fresheners. 

These beautiful roses are part of our Unique Project and are hand crafted for fair wages by women with disabilities in Nepal. They are perfect to scent your drawers, closets, car, or any room in the house. Showcase them in a vase, decorate a table, or use them in your car to enjoy some aromatherapy on the go. They come in multiple colors and are packaged in a gift ready handmade lokta paper bags. 

Add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil to your rose and place this plastic-free eco fabric freshener in your drawers to enjoy fresh, toxin-free, and naturally scented clothes every day! "La vie en rose" eco fabric fresheners are forever reusable. When their scent fades just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and your rose is ready to go again! 

Hint: Try our Sun is Shining Organic Essential Oil blend for a joyful uplifting vibe!

Hand made in Nepal by women with disabilities from 100% sustainable New Zealand Wool and eco-friendly dyes. Fair trade, organic and cruelty free certified. Compostable. Each rose is handmade and is about 14" long. The stem has a wire core and can be bent as pleased. Reusable lokta bag is: 4"x9".

End of life: the rose is compostable, the wire in the stem is recyclable. The lokta paper bag is reusable, compostable and recyclable.


Why "La vie en rose" Eco Fabric Fresheners :

We partnered with EPSA an organization based in Kathmandu whose goal is to empower and assist women with disabilities through training and employment opportunities. 

In Nepal, the standard living conditions can be extremely hard for physically challenged and people with disabilities, and especially for women. Due to traditional conservative culture and male dominated society, in addition to lack of education, knowledge, and technology, people with disabilities are often badly neglected by their own families and communities. 

Women with disabilities are discriminated thrice: firstly for their gender, secondly for being poor and thirdly for being disabled.

We learned of the work EPSA while in Kathmandu, and felt that it was important for us to partner with them to bring you the beautiful felting work of these amazing artisans.

Each piece is unique, hand-made, and supports these wonderful women as they work with dedication, passion, and always a beautiful smile to overcome the difficult conditions they are faced with and provide a better life for themselves and for their families.

"La vie en rose" Eco Fabric Fresheners are available in several colors. They are the perfect eco-friendly fair trade gift, for your mom, your friends, or just for yourself!



One percent for the planet

Type: Fabric Freshener

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

The roses are beautiful as a bouquet that doesn't fade. The bees are cute. These were gifts to daughters who appreciate wool & bees.💞

Super cute!

These are so cute that I bought several and I'm actually using them for decor instead of fabric fresheners. Super cute! Might buy more...
As some of the other reviewers stated, I also really like the idea of supporting the Nepali women with disabilities who make these.


These are so pretty! I’m very happy with my purchase and will buy again.

Christmas gifts

Cannot give a full review, as they are Christmas gifts for 2021. I shopped early. Lol. I can say that they are a nice size rose with stem, not small at all. Beautiful colors. I did not open all the packages to inspect them, but I liked what I saw of the few that I did open. I also purchased essential oils to use with the roses. I hope the giftees will like them.

Support Women <3

I purchased a rose and also a mixed bag of smaller fabric fresheners. I ordered these mostly to support the women making them and I am very happy with my decision. The size of the rose is perfect (I expected it to be small) and the bendable stem made this perfect to hang in the closet. The bag of small fabric fresheners are perfect for dresser drawers. Now every time I open the drawers or the closet, lavender flows out and puts a little smile on my face.

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