Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oil

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Friendsheep Sustainable Wool Goods Fabric Freshener Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oil
Friendsheep Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a purifying, cleansing, clarifying, and immune-boosting oil that is ideal for use on skin, in aromatherapy, and as a surface cleaning agent and a fabric freshener. It has a refreshing camphoraceous oil that supports respiratory function. It has warming and soothing properties that can treat poor circulation and painful muscles.  The healing benefits of Eucalyptus Oil can be attributed to its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, and antiseptic qualities. Its soothing, stimulating, and anti-bacterial properties make it a popular ingredient in balms, inhalers, massage blends, and dental hygiene products.

Aromatherapy: Diffuse eucalyptus essential oil by adding 3-5 drops per 100ml of water to an oil diffuser. Diffusing eucalyptus oil help ease breathing and enhances feelings of relaxation.

Topically:  Use eucalyptus essential oil topically by diluting 4-6 drops in 20ml (2 Tbsp) of carrier oil. Make shower melts using eucalyptus oil to relieve congestion and open up the airways. To make shower melts you will need 1 cup of baking soda, ¼ cup water, 15 drops eucalyptus oil, 15 drops peppermint oil, and silicone molds. Mix the baking soda, water, and essential oil until it forms a thick paste. Scoop the mixture into the silicone molds and set aside overnight to dry and harden. Remove the shower melts from the molds and store them in an airtight container. Place one shower melt on the floor of the shower to enjoy its amazing benefits.

In the bathtub: Make a refreshing and muscle relaxing bath blend by adding 1 cup Epsom salts, and adding 5-10 drops of Friendsheep Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oil to a warm bath.

In your home: Place a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a cotton ball and put it at the bottom of the garbage can to prevent odors. Make a natural household cleaner by combining 1 cup water, 1/2 cup pure vodka, 12 drops eucalyptus oil, 10 drops tea tree oil, and 10 drops lavender oil. Store this in a spray bottle and use it to clean floors, surfaces, windows, bathrooms, and kitchens.

In the dryer on your wool dryer balls: add a few (5-7) drops to one eco dryer ball before tossing them in your dryer. Repeat as needed.

To scent your dry laundry: add a few (5-7) drops to your Friendsheep eco fresheners before putting them in your drawers, closets, or a duffle bag.

Made in the USA. Therapeutic grade. Always organic, always cruelty-free certified. Friendsheep is a Leaping Bunny certified brand.

Ingredients: Friendsheep Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the Eucalyptus blue mallee. Origin: Australia. Bottled in the USA.

Bottle with euro dropper - 0.5 fl.oz. (15 ml).



One percent for the planet

Type: Essential Oil

Customer Reviews

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Stephenson Lee
Very nice


Emily L.
Love the quality, not this scent.

The oil seems to be really high quality, but I wish I hadn’t chosen eucalyptus. In the bottle, it smelled like Vicks vapor rub. What turned me off though is probably a big plus in other scents, because it attests to the strength of the scent, and it should be much more diffuse in the laundry. Next time I will order a different essential oil. The orange sounds tempting. And I want to add that I am planning to order Christmas presents from here next year.

Lisa B.
Eucalyptus oil

Love it!!! I use it in my car, clothing, and home.

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