Eco Kitty Cave "Purple Rain"

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Friendsheep Pets Purple Rain Eco Kitty Cave "Purple Rain"

Extra large 20" Cat Cave Bed and Hideout

Cats love Friendsheep Eco Kitty Caves! The organic wool provides them with a  cozy, naturally insulated, safe, and soothing environment.  The natural antibacterial properties of our Organic New Zealand wool keep your cats and kittens cleaner and smelling better - and when it’s time to clean it, it’s easy to do so with soap and water.

Friendsheep Eco Kitty Caves are extra large, at 20" - enough for the mightiest kitty, or the most numerous litter! 

Your Eco Kitty Cave comes in a beautiful signature organic cotton drawstring Friendsheep bag, hand made and hand printed in Nepal, together with a bonus tin of USDA organic catnip. The perfect gift ready zen pack for your furry friend!


Why Friendsheep Eco Kitty Cave?

  • Your cat will love it! Wool lanolin reminds them of their mothers, making the cat cave a safe and relaxing environment
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Naturally insulating, our organic wool will keep your kitties warm in the winter, and cool in the summer!
  • Included with your purchase is a tin of Certified Organic Catnip!
  • Plus our signature hand made and hand printed organic cotton Friendsheep bag!
  • Individually hand felted with 100% premium organic New Zealand wool, and then sun dried
  • Environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, chemical free, and fragrance free
  • Handmade with love by underprivileged women in Nepal for fair wages, in ethical working conditions
  • Organic wool is naturally antibacterial and easy to clean with just soap and water
  • Extra large design will provide ample space even for the mightiest kitty
  • Wonderful for new moms and their litters
  • 100% Biodegradable product in a completely recyclable package





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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Paul Kane
A Classic 80's jam turned into a modern day cat cave!

Purple Rain is pretty awesome. We have 2 elderly cats. Steve is 16 and struggles w/ his mobility and weighs about 12-13 pounds. The size of Purple Rain is probably a tad too small because Steve does not enjoy curling up in a ball anymore due to his heart disease and impaired mobility with his back legs. He has gotten into the cave several times, but usually doesn't spend much time in them, but I can tell he would really like to. We've smushed Purple Rain down and it works much better for him, but still isn't completely ideal. I think an XL version of Purple Rain would work the best, since he's a pretty big cat. Stavi, our 17 year old who is about 7 pounds loves Purple Rain. He was apprehensive at first, but the cat nip that comes included got him interested and now he's frequently sleeping in Purple Rain, True Blue, and Orange Crush! Yes, we bought all three of them. Our cats love hanging out by the front and back doors, so we had to get at least 3 caves and it's worked out really well. Also, for anyone else who has an older cat and might be going through times of accidents, Steve peed right on the top of Purple Rain when it was smushed. I was able to pour off the bulk of the urine into the toilet and then use some toilet paper (not very much) to pat dry the area that was wet and the wool was incredible! The urine came close to 100% out, if not 100%. I have a sensitive nose and could not smell any ammonia and the toilet paper could not pick up any more urine, so I was floored when it was more or less dry in just 2 or 3 minutes and smelled completely like wool and nothing else, just like the day we received the cat caves. Total game changer for this "feature" alone. I'm still blown away by it because trying to get cat pee out of other things like our living room area carpet has been a total nightmare. Finally, our fill was incorrect in our order. We received Purple Rain cat toys w/ the True Blue and Orange Crush caves. Friendsheep not only sent out the Purple Rain cat cave immediately, no questions asked, they even let us keep the Purple Rain cat toys! I can't recommend Friendsheep enough. Plus, the farms they source the wool from do not let their sheep go to slaughter after the wool production goes down, which I had never heard of before. Something to think about if you're a vegan and looking for an organic natural bedding as an alternative to the overwhelming synthetic options on the cat bed market.

Purple rain cat cave is amazing!

I love the colors and design. The cat loves to play and sleep both in it and on it... the catnip tin included was loved greatly! Thank you so much for a great product and experience! 🥰

Purple cat cave

My cat instantly loved it. She loves to rest head on the edge and look at everyone. I have been wanting one of these for a long time, and I am glad that I finally ordered one.

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